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Champion organic photovoltaic mini-module measured at JRC's European Solar Test Installation

Organic photovoltaic mini-module device under test
Organic photovoltaic mini-module device under test
Jul 08 2021

Researchers at the Joint Research Centre’s European Solar Test Installation (ESTI) performed the calibration of a new organic photovoltaic (PV) mini-module provided by WAYS/Nanobit and National Central University, Taiwan. The resulting efficiency value of 13.6 % for a 16 cells mini-module of 67 cm2 of area finally confirmed at ESTI is a new world record for this organic PV technology.

This value was registered in table 1 of the latest version of the Solar Cell Efficiency Tables (Version 58), published by the journal Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications where the confirmed single-junction terrestrial cell and submodule efficiencies for all photovoltaic technologies are reported.

ESTI is an ISO 17025 accredited European reference laboratory for the calibration of PV devices and for the verification of their energy generation. ESTI is at the forefront of the development of international standards for the assessment of electrical performance of PV products and for their reliability. More recently, ESTI is focusing on improving the knowledge, quality and reliability of novel PV technologies such as organic photovoltaics.

This verified achievement is a very important result of all the activity performed at ESTI in supporting research and development in the emerging PV technology sector and underlines the scientific reputation of ESTI within the leading reference laboratories in the photovoltaic sector worldwide.