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10th anniversary of TrainMiC®

TrainMiC TrainMiC® anniversary logo
Jan 19 2011

This year, TrainMiC® celebrates its 10th anniversary. To celebrate this, a competition was organised amongst the national teams for designing an anniversary logo. An e-vote was organised and the team from Bosnia and Herzegovina won the competition.

TrainMiC® started as a life-long learning programme for EU enlargement, and has since been taken on board in many EU-15 countries. TrainMiC® has teams in 20 countries, some 6,000 people have attended a TrainMiC® course and the training material has been translated in 14 languages.

The TrainMiC® programme helps people acquire new skills and adapt to a changing labour market, in line with the Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative, "An Agenda for new skills and jobs"  

For more info please visit TrainMiC® webpage.