EU Science Hub

Science meets Parliaments in Brussels and across Europe

Scientists and Policy-makers need each other to design solutions for the challenges of our time.

The initiative 'Science meets Parliaments & Regions' brings science and policy-making together to encourage mutual understanding and discuss relevant policy issues using scientific evidence. Furthermore its ultimate goal is to bring science closer to citizens and increase their trust in science.

Evidence and facts are key elements of policy-making in Brussels as well as at local, regional and national level in the EU.

In 2015 the JRC launched 'Science meets Parliaments' in cooperation with the European Parliament and since then  annual high-level events at the European Parliament were organised in Brussels .

In collaboration with the Committee of the Regions the JRC launched "Science meets Regions" a new pilot initiative. Regions and cities have a key role in the EU policy making as well as in its implementation. About 70% of EU legislation and 80% of EU funds are implemented at subnational level, giving European regions and cities the power to act as catalysts of change and enablers of citizens' involvement.

This unique pilot action has been implemented through 28 initiatives around Europe at national, regional and local level.

Read the report: Science Meets Parliaments Science Meets Regions - Advancing evidence for policy across Europe.