EU Science Hub

Science areas

Science and technology are pivotal to good policy making. The breadth of issues our scientists cover in their research activities is extensive: from facing environmental challenges through to improving public health, to mitigating natural disasters and ensuring nuclear safety and security, and includes wide-reaching, crosscutting activities.

Based on the scientific expertise and competences within the JRC, as well as on the collaboration with the wider scientific community, the JRC aims to ensure that the best scientific advice possible informs policy development and scientific rigour is applied when analysing research conducted elsewhere.

We have clustered the JRC activities into ten science areas which provide an overview of the research performed in these fields. The information you will find on these pages gives an insight into the JRC's work in the broader EU context, and gives some information on the main EU policies in that area, with links for further reading.

The impact of our research can vary from increasing our knowledge that improves our understanding of societal challenges faced by the EU, through to major breakthroughs that bring about fundamental and long-term changes.

The JRC's research topics are where you will find the real 'nuts and bolts' information on the work carried out by our scientists. Here you will find out the latest happenings in your area of interest. Along the right hand-side of each research topic, you will find links to related publications by our scientists, the latest related JRC news headlines and events, related laboratories and facilities belonging to the JRC, and related scientific tools and databases developed and hosted by the JRC - often in association with other partner Directorates-General of the European Commission.