EU Science Hub

Safety and Security

The JRC provides European policy makers with scientific and technological advice on safety, security and stability within the EU and beyond. Research, analysis and in-house developed tools support EU policies on border security, including maritime borders, the fight against organised crime and corruption as well as implementation of measures against possible biological, chemical and explosive actions.

Modelling, simulation and response capabilities are studied to enhance the security and resilience of physical infrastructures and prevent or respond to cybercrime.

Our analysis, development of warning systems and capacity building strengthen policy measures and practices in the EU to prevent, prepare and respond against all types of natural, technological or man-made disasters.

For EU policies on solidarity with developing countries, the JRC develops methodologies, indicators and ICT tools to implement and measure humanitarian aid and cooperation. It also provides technical assistance, capacity building and monitoring activities on climate change, environment, water, energy and resources management, as well as rural development and food security.

To protect European citizens' rights, the JRC research aims at improving personal data protection online and monitors key challenges such as discrimination of vulnerable communities and minorities. Capacity building activities for customs authorities and research to address terrorist or criminal activity are part of the support to customs policy and fight against fraud.