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Information Society

The JRC supports the European Commission's Agenda for Jobs, Growth, Fairness and Democratic by providing evidence on which to base policy. It communicates closely with policy Directorate-Generals, responds to their questions about science, outlines the consequences of different policy choices, and identifies alternative policy options.
The JRC also analyses the key issues and barriers linked to the Digital Single Market and assesses policies that could support the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector and the Digital Economy. The purpose of these policies is to help Europe's citizens and businesses get the most out of digital technologies and potentiate the major contribution these technologies could make to economic growth.
More specifically, JRC's multi-disciplinary teams carry-out socio-economic and technical analyses relating to the EU Digital Single Market and the Digital Agenda for Europe. These analyses focus on:

  • how to promote greater access to and use of ICT
  • what are the drivers and consequences of ICT-enabled innovation
  • measuring the impact of digital technology on growth, jobs and consumer welfare in the EU
  • cross-border e-commerce, and copyright in digital media
  • digital competences for innovative and creative learning and skilling
  • influence of ICT on employment/employability, cultural diversity and socio-economic inclusion
  • policies to promote use of ICT for active and healthy ageing
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