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SIMLAB and other software

SimLab provides a free development framework for Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis.

SimLab is a professional tool for model developers, scientists and professionals, to learn, use and exploit global uncertainty and sensitivity analysis techniques. The SimLab license encourages free non-commercial use.

SimLab provides a reference implementation of the most recent global sensitivity analysis techniques. SimLab is an on going project where new improvements progress on a regular basis since 1985.

Help desk email: simlab(at)

Previous versions

Simlab 2.2, license code required is into README file. Simlab Manual

End User free licence.

Other routines for Sensistivity Analysis

Sobol' sensitivity analysis package with GUI at the Imperial College London

Saltelli & Jansen formulas (sequential estimation of first and total effects) in Matlab (2013)  

Link to Extended FAST in Matlab at The University of Michigan Medical School: