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Danube Innovation Partnership (DIP)

The Danube Innovation Partnership (DIP) aims to support the acceleration of technology transfer and research commercialisation in the Danube area.

When it comes to innovation, there is a disparity between the various countries and regions within the area of the Danube. Some are among the top-performing in Europe, while others lag behind. They are below the European average and, as shown by the Innovation Union Scoreboard, the gap is widening.

The need to improve the efficiency of the research and innovation (R&I) ecosystems of these countries and regions has therefore been identified as a vital policy goal to be pursued within the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The DIP can strengthen cooperation and facilitate an exchange of experience and ideas with those within and outside the Danube Region.

To achieve these goals, DIP calls for interventions at the research, technology transfer, early stage and growth financing level, as well as the involvement of actors at different levels of governance (regional, national and European) and coordination between different players (Universities, research centres, Technology Transfer Offices, the early stage investment scene, industry, intermediaries, incubators).

E-learning course on Knowledge Transfer
E-learning course on Knowledge Transfer