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The JRC and the Commission priorities

A connected digital single market

In order to make the EU's single market fit for a digital age, the European Commission is committed to tearing down existing barriers ensuring citizens can access goods and services and easing the regulatory walls facing companies and start-ups. The JRC supports these policies through its research in the areas of surveillance and cybersecurity, as well as analysing the current online services market

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A deeper and fairer internal market with a strengthened industrial base

The Single Market is an engine for building a stronger and fairer EU economy and the European Commission's work in this area will lead to more integration, better worker mobility and ensure fair taxation. The JRC expertise in standardisation and harmonisation supports the foundation of the internal market, and also supports the Commission by carrying out fitness checks for a variety of industrial sectors.

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A deeper and fairer Economic and Monetary Union

In order to preserve the stability of the Euro and to enhance the convergence of economic, fiscal and labour market policies across the EU, the European Commission is continuing its work on banking union as well putting forward a European Pillar of Social Rights. The JRC monitors Member State economies in the context of the European Semester, develops models in support of banking union, and contributes to social impact assessments.

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A balanced and progressive trade policy to harness globalisation

In the modern global economy trade is essential for growth, jobs and competiveness, and the EU is committed to maintaining an open and rules-based trading system.

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An area of justice and fundamental rights based on mutual trust

The EU is not simply a common market for goods and services and therefore the European Commission is working towards making life easier for Europeans who live, work or study in other EU countries by building bridges between the different national legal systems, as well as continuing to combat smuggling and cybercrime. The JRC works in the areas of antifraud, transport safety and security, and cybersecurity in support of Commission policies in this area.

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Towards a new policy on migration

The European Commission's agenda on migration sets out a European response combining internal and external policies, making the best use of EU agencies and tools and involving all actors; EU countries and institutions, international organisations, civil society as well as partners outside the EU. The JRC supports the Commission in its work in this area through its research on crisis management, surveillance, transport safety and security and antifraud.

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Europe as a stronger global actor

Building on its strong record of international cooperation, the EU needs a strong common foreign policy to anticipate events early and identify common responses. In bringing together more effectively its different policies and tools that contribute to Europe's external action, the European Commission can respond to global challenges and project its values worldwide. The JRC carries out research in support of such policies in the areas of global safety and security, crisis management, disaster risk reduction and monitoring natural and man-made hazards.

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A Union of Democratic Change

The European Commission is committed to making the European Union more democratic and bringing it closer to its citizens, as well as building on its relationship with the European Parliament and working closer with national parliaments. The JRC contributes to a Commission built on transparency and openness through its open data policy and its role as the scientific and knowledge service of the Commission.

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