EU Science Hub

Centre for Advanced Studies

The JRC Centre for Advanced Studies (JRC-CAS) has been established to enhance the JRC’s capabilities to meet emerging challenges at the science-policy interface. Within an interdisciplinary environment, the centre collaborates with leading universities and research institutions across the EU and worldwide and performs cutting edge research to explore topics of societal importance. Research is carried out in thematic areas of relevance to EU policy, including areas of a long term strategic nature.

By specifically addressing ideas and knowledge in emerging fields across different scientific and technological disciplines, the centre will become an incubator for activities providing new insights, data, projections and solutions for complex and long-term challenges for the EU and our societies as a whole.

Projects are led by a senior scientist with an established reputation in the research area, and have a limited duration of maximum 3 years. Projects may be subsequently integrated in to the JRC's core research activities, if successful. This ensures that the centre remains a stimulating and vibrant space where scientists are exposed to new ideas, a wide and dynamic spectrum of disciplines, allowing out-of-the box thinking for new solutions.

The close interaction with JRC scientists and activities provides access to an exceptional research capacity and knowledge, while at the same time, ensuring the uptake of results into the JRC's knowledge base.

Current projects

Centre of Expertise on Population and Migration, launched in partnership with the Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography.

The project is a collaboration between the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and JRC to study the push and pull factors of migration into Europe and the longer term impacts of alternative migration scenarios for the EU with respect to population aging and the productivity of the EU labour force. Lead scientist: Prof. Wolfgang Lutz

For more information, please see Prof. Lutz' presentation from the launch of the knowledge centre.

Upcoming projects


Further projects on specific topics will be published on a regular basis. For more information, please visit the JRC's recruitment website.