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Research Topics

The safe handling, storage and disposal of nuclear fuel is hugely important in the area of nuclear research, and includes the areas of long-term storage, retrievability and recoverability requirements, and safe decommissioning.

To support EU efforts to prepare for radiological emergencies, the JRC runs systems for automatic exchange of radiological information. It also carries out research on environmental radioactivity, whether natural or man-made.

All EU Member States are required to monitor radioactivity in the environment. The JRC is responsible for collecting this data in standardised form, where it is then validated and compiled into databases.

Public participation in radioactive waste management (RWM) constitutes the first project of the Energy - Transparency Centre of Knowledge (E-TRACK). Given the legally binding requirements for transparency of the Council Directive 2011/70/EURATOM on spent fuel and radioactive waste, the European Commission considers it useful to provide steady and continuous support in the very near future.

Reactor safety research at the JRC contributes to the implementation of the Nuclear Safety Directive in order to ensure the highest standards of safety are achieved and maintained throughout the EU.

Verification and detection in safeguarding nuclear material, conformity of information on materials and processes in nuclear forensics, as well as response in nuclear security are based on reliable measurement results with appropriate quality control tools as prerequisite. JRC provides nuclear material measurement standards, nuclear reference measurements and conformity assessment tools to safeguards authorities, industry and the international measurement community. This support includes the development of new reference materials, measurement services as well as development of reference measurement methods and their implementation.

JRC research in the area of structural materials for nuclear applications allows for the safe long-term operation of current nuclear reactors and the next generation of nuclear power plants.