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Research Topics

Actinides have many possible applications in various strategic fields, but because of their radio-toxicity, it is necessary to carry out reliable safety assessments of their behaviour. This research is carried out at the JRC in collaboration with a number of academic partners worldwide.

The JRC’s work on the nuclear science base for standardisation includes neutron data, targeted alpha therapy which helps with the fight against cancer, fundamental properties and behaviour and actinides, and structural and nuclear materials.

Verification and detection in safeguarding nuclear material, conformity of information on materials and processes in nuclear forensics, as well as response in nuclear security are based on reliable measurement results with appropriate quality control tools as prerequisite. JRC provides nuclear material measurement standards, nuclear reference measurements and conformity assessment tools to safeguards authorities, industry and the international measurement community. This support includes the development of new reference materials, measurement services as well as development of reference measurement methods and their implementation.