JRC research topics

The JRC carries out research in a wide variety of fields. Located across five sites throughout the EU, seven research institutes work in the areas of agriculture and food security, energy and transport, environment and climate change, health and consumer protection, information society, safety and security, innovation and growth, measurements and standards, and nuclear safety and security.

  1. In the context of the Copernicus programme, the JRC aims to develop and assessing Climate Data Records (CDR) derived from multiple satellite remote sensing missions. These CDRs are time series of Essential Climate Variables that are derived from optical properties such as the concentration of the phytoplankton pigment chlorophyll-a and sea surface reflectance.

    Science Areas: Environment and climate change
    Keywords: sea, climate, environment
  2. Food scares have increased consumer awareness in all aspects of food safety and quality. As a result, consumers have increasingly preferences with respect to agricultural practices and geographical origin.

    Science Areas: Health and consumer protection
    Keywords: food/feed, quality, agriculture