JRC research topics

The JRC carries out research in a wide variety of fields. Located across five sites throughout the EU, seven research institutes work in the areas of agriculture and food security, energy and transport, environment and climate change, health and consumer protection, information society, safety and security, innovation and growth, measurements and standards, and nuclear safety and security.

  1. The JRC provides technical support for the creation of a common information sharing system, jointly developed by the Commission and EU national authorities, in order to harmonise data on maritime surveillance.

    Science Areas: Standards
    Keywords: standard, sea, surveillance
  2. The JRC carries out research to foster the development of internationally accepted harmonised methods and standards for remote sensing.

    Science Areas: Environment and climate change, Standards
    Keywords: standard, remote sensing
  3. The JRC carries out measurements and simulations of the European global navigation satellite system, Galileo, in order to identify possible interferences with the current systems.

    Science Areas: Standards
    Keywords: standard, remote sensing
  4. The JRC’s work on the nuclear science base for standardisation includes neutron data, targeted alpha therapy which helps with the fight against cancer, fundamental properties and behaviour and actinides, and structural and nuclear materials.

    Science Areas: Nuclear safety and security, Standards
    Keywords: nuclear, measurement, standard
  5. The JRC supports the integration of new wireless services by carrying out research and measurement activities to test impact of emerging technologies on existing wireless infrastructures.

    Science Areas: Standards
    Keywords: standard, ICT
  6. The Eurocodes are standards for the construction sector which aim to increase the safety of buildings in the face of natural and man-made hazards. The JRC supports their design, monitors their implementation and contributes to organising practical workshops, important for their implementation.

    Science Areas: Safety and Security, Standards
    Keywords: standard, building, safety
  7. JRC research in the area of structural materials for nuclear applications allows for the safe long-term operation of current nuclear reactors and the next generation of nuclear power plants.

    Science Areas: Nuclear safety and security
    Keywords: nuclear, standard