JRC research topics

The JRC carries out research in a wide variety of fields. Located across five sites throughout the EU, seven research institutes work in the areas of agriculture and food security, energy and transport, environment and climate change, health and consumer protection, information society, safety and security, innovation and growth, measurements and standards, and nuclear safety and security.

  1. Antifraud research at the JRC helps to protect the financial interests of the EU, and all of the citizens of the member states.

    Science Areas: Safety and Security
    Keywords: antifraud
  2. The JRC conducts research in forensic genetics, genomics and chemistry for fish traceability, and promotes the awareness of these technologies.

    Science Areas: Agriculture and food security
    Keywords: fish, genetics, antifraud
  3. JRC's research on route-based risk analysis can support customs authorities in screening maritime container movements to detect potentially suspicious shipments, to better target costly physical inspections or to help investigations with intelligence on container trips.

    Science Areas: Safety and Security
    Keywords: antifraud, transport, sea
  4. Today in the world millions of shipping containers constantly travel and cross national borders. Cargo containers are considered as a weak link in the supply chain as they can be potentially exploited to defraud customs, introduce illicit cargo and breach security protocols.. Within this context, a number of national and international programmes .and agreements have been drafted to limit the potential for miss-use of intermodal containers.

    Science Areas: Energy and transport, Safety and Security
    Keywords: transport, safety, security, antifraud
  5. The EU is the largest provider of external aid in the world. It is therefore essential that information on aid funding by various donors is easily available and comparable. The JRC has developed EU Aid Explorer, a web based tool that facilitates the sharing of aid funding data from multiple sources.

    Science Areas: Safety and Security
    Keywords: antifraud, aid