JRC research topics

The JRC carries out research in a wide variety of fields. Located across five sites throughout the EU, our scientists work in the areas of agriculture and food security, energy and transport, environment and climate change, health and consumer protection, information society, safety and security, innovation and growth, measurements and standards, and nuclear safety and security.

  1. Digital Earth is a concept of an interactive digital replica of the entire planet that can facilitate a shared understanding of the multiple relationships between the physical and natural environments and society. To do so, it needs to be accessible globally from multiple platforms (mobiles, tablets, computers); be able to display information in ways that are easily understood by multiple audiences (the public, decision-makers, scientists); and be constantly updated with data coming from sensors (space-based, airborne, in-situ), citizens, and both public and private sectors.

    Science Areas: Environment and climate change, Information Society
    Keywords: geo-reference, reference data