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Stairway to Excellence (S2E)

As part of the Smart Specialisation Platform (S3P), the "Stairway to Excellence" (S2E) project is centred on the provision of assistance to the 13 Member States (EU13) who joined the European Union in 2004 and subsequent years with the aim of closing the innovation gap and promoting excellence in Europe. 

The "Cohesion Policy and the synergies with the research and development funds: the "Stairway to Excellence" (S2E) is a European Parliament Pilot Project executed by DG-JRC (IPTS) together with DG-REGIO.


The S2E launching conference offered a first opportunity to identify the key elements for building successful synergies and gave a useful insight into how synergies could be achieved in practice.  A diverse set of experiences from five EU countries (CY, CZ, FR, ES and UK) and an international organization were presented as a source of inspiration for other regional and national managing authorities and the research community.  



The ACTIVITIES of S2E project include:

  1. raise awareness of the actions needed to enable synergies between different EU funding programmes for research and innovation;
  2. share experiences in combining funding from Structural Funds and Framework Programme to improve excellence in R&I systems and
  3. draw lessons for the future.



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