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European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear Energy Sector (EHRO-N)

The European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear Sector (EHRO-N) was established in 2011, in the framework of the EURATOM treaty, to determine the situation of nuclear-educated Human Resources, skills and competences in Europe, assess the trends and suggest policy options for improvement.

Since its launch, EHRO-N has become a widely recognised and appreciated instrument and role model, inspiring a vast number of interested stakeholders. Its mission is to provide qualified data on human resources needs in the nuclear field within the European Union and high-level expert recommendations on EU-wide nuclear Education and Training action, thus promoting lifelong learning and cross border mobility.

The methodology developed during these years has proven to be effective in creating awareness of Human Resources scarcity in new nuclear countries and support long-time ones in more efficient management of the existing resources. Before this analysis, no comprehensive picture on nuclear human resources was available. Besides France, UK and Finland, who have monitored their national nuclear workforce through comprehensive surveys, the availability of data varied from country to country, or was completely absent.

EHRO-N has already successfully positioned itself in the European nuclear education training field, promoting the implementation of the ECVET system in the nuclear sector, in order to achieve a global mutual recognition system.