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Emergency support – international data and information exchange systems

During the early phase of a large-scale accident with release of radioactivity to the atmosphere, it is essential to notify and inform competent authorities as early and extensively as possible. To implement Council Decision 87/600, the European Commission continues to improve its systems and procedures for rapid exchange of information and data in case of a major accident.

The JRC has developed the European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange (ECURIE) system and the automatic EUropean Radiological Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP).

ECURIE is THE official notification system of the European Commission through which EU member states are obliged to notify and send relevant information in case of  radiological/nuclear accident. To facilitate this exchange of information, JRC conceives and develops the necessary IT tools and provides the testing and training, in close collaboration with the national contact points in the EU.

EURDEP is fully integrated in the ECURIE procedures; it provides a platform by which automatic monitoring data are continuously exchanged in a standardised way between the Commission and 25 European countries. Data (currently mainly from 4400 gamma dose rate monitors) can be viewed and downloaded by experts as well as the general public. The JRC is assisting the IAEA to extend and use EURDEP technology for data exchange on world-wide level (a system called IRMIS).

For more more information, see EURDEP.