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Earthquakes and tsunamis

Earthquakes are the natural hazard that generates the largest number of human casualties in the modern society.  Likewise, it is estimated that they are responsible for about 35% of the economic losses generated by natural disasters. Tsunamis are among the natural hazards that can result in the largest number of victims per event. While the earthquakes that cause them cannot be predicted, it is possible to provide early warning about tsunamis if there is enough distance between the seismic source and the coast. To mitigate the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis, the JRC develops tools and methods to support efficient disaster management, from the early warning phase through to recovery and reconstruction. 

On the prevention side, the JRC studies the structural behaviour of buildings and other infrastructures under earthquakes, develops methodologies to increase the safety of buildings and contributes to the creation of European standards for the construction sector. The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) provides early warning to the first responders community, while the analysis of satellite images helps identify areas where interventions are most needed.

Is your house earthquake-proof?

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Euronews Futuris series: Shakin' All Over: Europe researches quake-proof bridges

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Improving safety in construction

The JRC's European Laboratory for Structural Assessment is equipped with one of the largest Reaction Walls for testing the resistance of buildings against earthquakes.

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From early warning to recovery and reconstruction

The JRC develops integrated systems for risk analysis, situational awareness, early warning and collaborative decision-making to help strengthen the EU’s resilience to crises and disasters.

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Learning from natural disasters

The JRC participates in field missions and other activities related to intermational assistance and mitigation of the effects of natural disasters.

Tsunami assessment modelling system

The JRC has developed and operates the only worldwide automatic Tsunami alerting system. It can quickly calculate the estimated wave height and travel time and automatically send an alert message through the Global Disaster Alerts and Coordination System (GDACS).

Euronews Futuris series: Tsunami: How To Alert In Time And Save Lives?

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