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Data exchange standardisation for maritime surveillance

Currently, EU and national authorities responsible for different aspects of maritime surveillance – such as border control, safety and security, fisheries control, customs, environment or defence – collect data separately and often do not share them between each other. In order to provide these authorities with ways to exchange information and data, a Common Information Sharing Environment for the EU maritime domain (CISE) is being developed jointly by the European Commission and EU/EEA member states. CISE will ensure effective data exchange between maritime authorities across sectors and across borders by integrating existing surveillance systems and networks and give all concerned authorities access to the information they need for their missions at sea. 

The JRC is providing technical support to the Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in paving the way to the definition of a standard set of data elements to be used in the framework of CISE, hence allowing the ICT systems of more than 400 different European authorities to exchange data, while ensuring a tight control over the management of the access rights. Support is provided in the definition of the standard semantic related to the data exchange within CISE and in the establishment of a suitable methodology for the maintenance of such standards to ensure the cross sectorial interoperability of the CISE over time.