Thermal Electro-Magnetic Physical Equipment Stress Testing

The Thermal, Electro-Magnetic, Physical Equipment Stress Testing (TEMPEST) laboratory performs qualification tests on electronic equipment used for animal identification and traceability of animals/products. The same tests may be applied to similar devices, used in the context of nu

clear safeguards, supply chain and agriculture. Institutional users of the TEMPEST laboratorys' services are: the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA); Directorate General Health and Consumer Protection, Directorate General Agriculture and Rural Development and Directorate General Energy and Transport; national Ministries of Agriculture, and of Transport. Industrial clients are manufacturers of the hardware used in the various applications. The in-house test facilities include chambers for reproducing a wide range of environmental conditions (extreme heat, cold, humidity, salinity, UV exposure). Physical stresses include low-medium and high-frequency vibrations, shock, and drop tests. Electromagnetic immunity tests include radiated and conduc
ted perturbations, magnetic fields, and electro-static discharge. In-field measurements characterise the working environments of electronic equipment. In-field measurement results determine the severities of the in-house tests, providing an objective basis for selection of test levels. The laboratory has specific expertise with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment used in both nuclear (e.g. electronically verifiable seals) and agricultural applications (e.g. livestock identification); conformance testing of smart-card based applications (e.g. digital tachograph); and the implementation and operation of secure IT applications (e.g. IDEA database, European root CA of the digital tachograph system).