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Solid-state Hydrogen Storage Testing Facility

The Solid-state Hydrogen Storage Testing Facility is dedicated to the testing and performance assessment of potential hydrogen storage materials. The laboratory is equipped with instruments which can measure how much and how quickly materials can reversibly store hydrogen and under which conditions. Experiments cover a variety of materials and testing conditions and the research is complemented by in-house microstructural analysis studies.

In view of the large disparity in hydrogen sorption data reported in the literature, the laboratory focuses on comparing measurements made using different techniques. The activity identifies discrepancies and potential error sources, and suggests improvements in testing procedures and measurements to achieve reliable, reproducible and accurate data. The laboratory is currently involved in European and international collaborative projects for testing hydrogen storage materials. And offers its services for "second opinion" measurements to European research centres and university groups that develop new materials, and serves as a training ground for aspiring young scientists active in this challenging field.