EU Science Hub

Open Space Laboratory - including mobile forensics and smart-card

The openspace is used to conduct experiments, evaluate technologies and develop proof-of-concepts to support several projects in the field of cybersecurity, privacy, data protection and fight against cybercrime.

These activities are instrumental to provide a solid support to policy by assessing the feasibility of techniques (i.e., technologies and approaches) proposed by the community in various areas in an impartial way. In addition, the activities of the laboratory are used to identify potential security threats in the deployment of current ICT systems (e.g., mobile phones). Finally, the openspace is an essential element to conduct hands-on experimental scientific activity and research.

The following are some examples of such projects: (a) experiments with IoT and smart home devices analysing privacy and security threats, (b) analysis of mobile malware, (c) research and development of innovative tools for law enforcement (e.g. image analytics, password recovery process, communication analysis, etc. ), (d) research on security of email communications, (e) fight against counterfeiting (e.g. RF experimentation for passive fingerprinting of electronic devices).