EU Science Hub

The JRC facilitates access in the relevance-driven mode

The JRC facilitates access to nuclear and non-nuclear research infrastructures for in the relevance-driven mode

Waiving access costs of User Access Projects

For Access to non-nuclear Research Infrastructures, payment of the additional costs may be waived for User Access Projects where the Lead User Institution and  2/3 or more of the User Institutions  (including the Lead User Institution) are located in a country eligible for Widening actions under the Horizon Europe Specific Objective  "Spreading Excellence  and Widening Participation". In case of one or two  User Institutions (including the Lead User Institutions), this requirement is only applied to the Lead User Institution.

Support to travel and subsistence of Users

The JRC may provide a financial or in-kind contribution to support Users to cover their costs of travel and subsistence related to the User Stay Days, subject to the availability of funds, personnel and other resources, as specified in the call for proposals:

  • JRC non-nuclear Research  Infrastructures: Users from User Institutions located in a country eligible for the Widening actions under the Horizon Europe Specific  Objective "Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation".
  • JRC nuclear Research Infrastructures: Users accessing JRC nuclear Research Infrastructures as part of the Pilot Action on open access to JRC research infrastructure in the field of nuclear safety.