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Call for proposal: Hopkinson Bar facility, European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA)


The Hopkinson Bar facility (HopLab) is used for the study of materials and of structural components to very fast dynamic loads, such as those due to blasts and impacts, where knowledge of the material behaviour under high strain-rates is necessary.

Hopkinson Bar facility

  • Mode: Relevance Driven
  • Identifier: 2017-1-RD-ELSA-HopLab
  • Location: Ispra, Italy
  • Opening of the call: 26/06/2017
  • Closure of the call: 20/10/2017
  • Communication of the assessment of proposals: 22/12/2017
  • Closed
Priority topics of the HopLab
  1. Security of buildings and protection of soft targets against explosion loads; material/structural component testing at high loading-rate conditions (blast, impact).

Definition and conditions of access

Access to the research infrastructure is granted on the basis of Access Units (e.g. days or weeks of use, hours or sessions of beam time, processing time and gigabytes of data transmitted, etc.). Access Units are specific to the type and nature of each JRC research infrastructure that provides access.

For the Hopkinson Bar Facility, the Access Unit corresponds to a 'Day' of experimental activities, e.g. to perform tests to fulfil the objectives of the project. These activities typically involve the use of the structural control system and the data acquisition system of the laboratory connected to the loading system and to the instrumentation.

  • Estimated total number of Days allocated to the call: 15
  • Average number of Days per Project: 10
  • Estimated costs excluding consumables and expenses:
    • Research infrastructure operated by JRC staff: 319 € / Day
    • Research infrastructure operated by users: Not possible

Options for the allocation of intellectual property rights:

  • The JRC and the entitled party (person or organisation that has been granted access) become co-owners in equal shares of all raw data, treated data and documentation data developed with respect to the access;
  • or, if requested,
  • Raw data, treated data and documentation data will be solely owned by the entitled party. The JRC receives a non-exclusive, royalty free, unlimited and world-wide license to use (meaning in particular to access, exploit, adapt, merge, translate, copy and store) the raw data, processed data and documentation data in all fields of exploitation. Where relevant, the license will include all the data / information necessary to replicate the tests.

Eligibility criteria

Selection criteria

Any proposal will be scrutinised in accordance with PDF icon weighted selection criteria such as:

  • Scientific implementation
  • Access to SMEs and new Users
  • Strategic relevance to the JRC
  • Strategic importance for Europe
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