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Pilot living labs at the JRC

Living labs are a modern way of creating user-centred environments that enable innovation, co-creation and start-up development.

Living labs integrate research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings.

Why living labs at the JRC?

The JRC aims to bring real added-value and innovation to the policy-making process.

With living labs we want to co-create high-quality, policy-relevant and people-oriented solutions in particular with relation to smart cities.

We want to share knowledge and best practice with mayors and urban planners, who are facing the challenges of implementing smart cities.

Testing under real-life conditions

Before putting new technologies and applications into practice, they need to be tested in real-life and controlled environments.

We are opening two of our research sites, Ispra, Italy and Petten, in the Netherlands to host living labs.

Both sites simulate urban environments with a large number of

  • staff
  • buildings, roads and utilities
  • dedicated experimental facilities
  • high-speed communication networks

Knowledge for better policy-making

This testbed approach will advance scientific insight in

  • technology-related aspects (interoperability and robustness)
  • trust, user acceptance and user-feedback

This approach will help us provide better evidence for policy-making.

Open call

Call for expressions of interest - Pilot living labs at the JRC