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The INDOORTRON Facility is a 30m 3 walk-in environmental chamber permitting precise control of parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, air quality and exchange rate. Within its large working space, it is possible to measure emissions from equipment, determine the release dynamics of materials, test models that predict pollutant concentrations, evaluate the efficiency of air-cleaning devices and carry out human exposure studies.

Only stainless steel, glass and "non-stick" polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymer coatings were used to construct the airtight chamber to minimise pollutant adsorption and emission by the inner walls. Internal heaters/coolers and a surrounding insulated jacket permit the internal temperature to be maintained with a high degree of accuracy. Ceiling-mounted blowers and a series of fans mix the air and ensure an even temperature distribution.

For experimental purposes, the INDOORTRON is filled with ultra-clean pre-dried and filtered 'zero' air. Controlled humidification is achieved by steam injection into the dry airflow immediately before it enters the chamber. Sealable sampling and monitoring ports distributed over the sidewalls give the flexibility to adapt the unit to different types of test programmes.

The facility incorporates a control room equipped with a computer system for remote control of climatic parameters, as well as analytical laboratories for on-line monitoring of inorganic compounds and VOCs, and off-line determination of VOCs.

The associated laboratories are equipped with state of the art instrumentation: HPLC, GC-FID, GCMS and emission chambers of various sizes.


More details: Indoortron Technical Specification Sheet