EU Science Hub

Hydrogen Sensor Testing Facility

The Sensor Testing Facility (SenTeF) assesses the performance of hydrogen sensors under a wide range of environmental conditions. Hydrogen can not be detected by human senses making the use of suitable detection devices (sensors) necessary. Since hydrogen leaks can be hazardous if not detected quickly reliable detection systems need to be tested, and their performance validated so that they can be safely deployed wherever hydrogen is produced, stored, distributed or used. In collaboration with international and European partners, the facility is used in interlaboratory experimental programmes aimed at preparing guidelines for testing hydrogen sensors, assessing their performance and reliability and providing feedback on the results to sensor manufacturers and end users.

This unique, (in house designed) gas sensor testing facility can be used to test any type of gas sensors in temperature ranges of -40ºC to 120ºC, from dry gasses to 100% humidity, and with additions of many contaminants such as CO, or ammonia.