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Hot Cell Laboratory

The hot cell laboratory has 24 shielded hot cells where up to 1 million curies can be handled including 2 decontamination cells.  Most of the cells are equipped with an alpha tight stainless steel containment, a so-called caisson, and each also has a replacement caisson for each cell. The advantage of this concept is to allow a cell renovation with a minimum downtime, with the replacement caisson able to be re-equipped and tested, while the "old" caisson is still self-contained and in operation.


See each activity below a a list of methods;

Post Irradiation Examination of Nuclear Fuel


Spent Fuel Characterization in View of Long Term Intermediate and Final Storage


Reprocessing & Separation of actinides from irradiated fuels and targets 


Mechanical workshops, specialized in manipulator maintenance, provide the necessary technical support for the laboratory.

A large varity of techniques are available for various research programmes with the Hot Cell Laboratory.