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High Throughput Screening facility

The High Throughput Screening (HTS) facility consists of two comprehensive robotic platforms supported by ample cell culturing and compound management laboratories.

The robotic platform is a flexible, modular, specialised system for the full automation of a wide variety of cell-based and biochemical assays. The core component of the robotic platform is a high-throughput liquid handler capable of accurate and repeatable sample preparation, serial dilution and test-plate treatment. Ancillary instrumentation essential in standard HTS assays, such as an optical plate reader, a plate washer and an on-line incubator are accessible by a robotic arm. The flexible and modular design of the platform allows the integration of additional equipment such as an automated imaging microscope for High Content Screening (HCS).

The cell culturing laboratories ensure the continuous provision of biological samples for automated testing. They are located in a positive-pressure room fully equipped for preparation and maintenance of cell cultures in a safe and sterile environment. Standard operating procedures are implemented to ensure the continuous production of consistent high-quality biological samples.

The compound management activity is designed to fully integrate our testing facility and in particular to support the high demand of prepared, ready-to-test samples needed for automated in-vitro testing.

A state-of-the-art “drug discovery” data management system is also linked to the facility to ensure reliable treatment and traceability of test data. It provides the ability to record comprehensive chemical information together with the associated HTS biological and analytical data, offering consistent and traceable chemical and biological data management and analysis.

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