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High Flux Reactor

The High Flux Reactor (HFR) in Petten is one of the most powerful multi-purpose materials testing reactors in the world. It is owned by the European Commission and operated by the Dutch Nuclear Research and consultancy Group.

The HFR is a tank in pool type light water-cooled and moderated reactor, operated at 45 MW. It offers a variety of irradiation facilities in the reactor core, in the reflector region and in the poolside facility. It is used for different commercial applications (e.g. production of medical radio-isotopes, doping of silicon) and for nuclear R&D.

Examples for research carried out in the HFR are:

  • Materials testing to ensure safe long term operation of existing nuclear power plants
  • Irradiation tests and qualifications of innovative fuels and functional/structural materials for use in next generation fission reactors with enhanced safety and performance
  • R&D for Fusion Reactor technologies, e.g. first wall components


For more information: HFR annual report 2014