EU Science Hub

European Commission Atmospheric Observatory for Greenhouse Gases

The JRC's facilities for monitoring greenhouse gases (GHGs) include two installations which are becoming part of the Integrated Carbon Observation System Research Infrastructure (ICOS-RI) of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). ICOS-RI is a distributed project dedicated to the high precision monitoring of GHG concentrations and fluxes over a long timeframe across Europe.

Greenhouse gas flux tower

The JRC currently operates one forest flux tower in San Rossore (Pisa) to continuously monitor ecosystem fluxes of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and a whole set of ancillary meteorological and soil parameters.

Greenhouse gases concentration monitoring station

Operational since late 2007, the GHG monitoring station can be characterised as a semi-rural valley station. It is the only low-altitude measurement site for GHGs close to the highly industrialised and densely populated Po Valley area of northern Italy.