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European Crisis Management Laboratory

The European Crisis Management Laboratory acts as a research, development and test facility for ICT focused solutions which integrate devices, applications, and crisis management related information sources to support crisis management needs, such as threats analysis, common situation awareness, and collaborative decision making. The laboratory also allows distributed crisis management training across relevant services of the European Commission, as well as with partners in the EU Member States and others engaged in crisis management, thereby enhancing their awareness and confidence in the application of technological solutions to strengthen their functions in crisis management.

Euronews Futuris series: Tsunami: How To Alert In Time And Save Lives?

/jrc/en/video/tsunami-how-alert-time-and-save-lives-futurisTsunami: How To Alert In Time And Save Lives? - Futuris


The laboratory will be tested in a variety of crisis scenarios ranging from intentional threats and natural disasters to health crises. The use of visual analytics for improving information readability, visualization and effectiveness, particularly in large video screen environments, will form an integral part of the laboratory research. The Laboratory has a central role during real emergencies when the analysis of complex events requires the use of several software components to give a unique picture of the ongoing events. The European Crisis Management Laboratory is equipped with a 5 x 2.2 m. large video wall that can be fed by several video and/or audio sources. It is also fitted with a video conference system, A0 plotter, printer, several computers, wireless. The laboratory's staff is operational during working days, but the infrastructure can be operated on a 24h basis by personnel from other European Commission services who can use the European Crisis Management Laboratory as a backup of their systems to assure business continuity, and also in the extreme situations when their respective crisis rooms are not available.