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Analytical laboratories

The laboratories at JRC, Geel have high-performance instrumentation to match a wide range of analytical measurements. For example, the laboratories for food analysis and reference materials characterisation employ a full range of spectrometric, chromatographic and hyphenated techniques such as LC-UV, LC-ICP-MS, LC-HG-AAS, LC-MS-MS, CE-UV, CE-MS, 2-D gel electrophoresis, ICP-MS, AAS, ICP-OES, XRF, and UV-VIS spectrometry, together with radionuclide analysis and relevant sample preparation techniques.

A large number of different mass spectrometers for isotopic measurements of the highest accuracy are available for reference measurements.

The chemical clean laboratory of JRC, Geel is designed to preserve the integrity of the most sensitive samples. One of five laboratories of its kind world-wide, it has a surface area of 120 m2, providing 16 workplaces of which 6 or 8 can be occupied simultaneously. For biotechnological research, JRC, Geel has laboratories operating at a biosafety level 2 allowing to work with hazardous materials, while protecting both the staff and the material from contamination. JRC, Geel has also mass metrology instrumentation enabling metrological weighing.

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