Laboratories & facilities

  1. The JRC's European Reference Laboratory for Air Pollution (ERLAP) contributes to the development and implementation of European Air Quality Directives.

    Acronym: ERLAP
  2. The JRC's facilities for monitoring greenhouse gases include two installations which are becoming part of the Integrated Carbon Observation System Research Infrastructure (ICOS-RI) of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).

  3. The JRC runs an air pollution research observatory, contributing to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (UNECE-EMEP).

  4. Specialised research laboratory supporting remote sensing ocean colour calibration and validation activities through the absolute calibration of passive and active optical instruments, the determination of the inherent optical properties of sea water constituents and the quantification of relevant phytoplankton pigment concentrations. The laboratory activities include operational and development components.

    Acronym: Marine Lab