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Laboratories & facilities

AS3ML focuses on the research and development, validation, testing, benchmarking, demonstration and training of innovative and integrated safeguards tools, methods, and equipment and approaches (not requiring the presence of nuclear materials in the laboratories) for International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA, Commission department for energy (DG ENER), nuclear facility operators and respective national authorities.


The JRC's AMALIA laboratory carries out research on different materials in various aqueous environments under varying conditions, testing for general corrosion and stress corrosion cracking (SCC).


JRC laboratories dedicated to work in the food safety and quality area are equipped with state-of-the-art and high-performance instrumentation to match a wide range of analytical (chemical and biological) measurements.

These include a full range of spectrometric, chromatographic and hyphenated techniques.

AVSEC aviation security

AVSEC comprises a selection of security screening equipment representative of that found in EU airports for screening passengers, cabin baggage and hold baggage, including x-ray baggage scanners, millimetre-wave body scanner, liquid bottle scanners, etc

The Battery Testing Laboratory features state-of-the-art equipped facilities for analysing performance of battery materials and cells.
Biometrics Laboratory (BIOLAB)

The Biometrics Laboratory evaluates the reliability of biometric technologies in real operational conditions with real biometric datasets, and to identify best practices in their deployments.
To establish a test-bed platform, evaluation is conducted by analysing performance of biometric technologies using several metrics and criteria.


The DTLab possesses the reference sets of all the regulated equipment developed to perform interoperability certifications.

The laboratory offers also to industry the possibility to perform "preliminary" tests, which are a kind of debugging sessions for their product in development. At the end of these preliminary tests, we do not emit any kind of certificates.

Grpahic of a digital fingerprint

The purpose of the laboratory is to perform conformity testing of electronic travel documents in accordance with the applicable ISO standards and the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) requirements.

ESTO meteo tower
Comprehensive metrological solar resource data are essential for evaluating the results of the European Solar Test Installation (ESTI)'s outdoor exposure testing on PV modules.
Atmospheric Observatory

The JRC runs the European Commission Atmospheric Observatory for air pollution research, contributing to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (UNECE-EMEP).