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User requirements for a Copernicus polar mission

User requirements for a Copernicus polar mission

Futures of Work: Perspectives from the Maker Movement

Extending INSPIRE to the Internet of Things through SensorThings API

Six steps to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Boosting children’s digital literacy - an urgent task for schools

Using digital technologies for learning in schools improves parents' perceptions of these technologies, which in turn helps children's digital learning and supports a healthier and more meaningful use of digital devices.  

Dypermin: Dynamic Permission Mining Framework for Android Platform

Does Online Access Promote Research in Developing Countries? Empirical Evidence from Article-Level Data

Universities in developing countries have rarely been able to subscribe to academic journals in the past. The “Online Access to Research in the Environment” initiative (OARE) provides institutions in developing countries with free online access to more than 5,700 environmental science journals. We analyze the effect of OARE on scientific output in five developing countries. We apply difference-in-difference-in-differences estimation using a balanced panel with 161,450 observations derived from 36,202 journal articles published by authors affiliated with 2,490 research institutions.


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