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Call for collaborators

JRC is looking for collaborators for projects on stability monitoring and certification of reference materials:

  • characterisation studies
  • homogeneity and stability studies, and
  • feasibility studies.

Depending on the study, the collaborator needs to fulfil certain requirements. Those fulfilling the requirements can be registered as a collaborator and can be contacted by IRMM to submit an offer for a particular study.

Call for collaborators

Measurements fields

The studies are grouped by measurement fields that cover similar applications or activities.  For example, it is very likely that a laboratory that can determine Ca in rye flour can also determine Mg in rye flour. However, proficiency in the determination of Ca in rye flour does not imply that the same laboratory can also determine vitamin B6 equally well. Collaborators can be registered for one or several measurement fields.


Requirements for the three types of studies are different.

  1. Feasibility studies are conducted to get information on how a project could be executed. As this research is of exploratory nature, fully validated methods do not always exist.
  2. For homogeneity and stability tests, relative measurements are often sufficient, allowing use of potentially biased methods.
  3. Characterisation studies require the highest accuracy and best quality method validation, as the final certified values essentially depend on the results.

How to apply

To apply for one or more measurement fields, please send the following information to us:

What happens after application?

JRC evaluates your application and aims to give feedback within one month. Qualified laboratories will be invited to submit an offer for particular studies when the need arises. This invitation will be sent to laboratories in compliance with the financial regulations of the European Commission. As the measurement fields are relatively general, detailed information regarding the method used and its performance (repeatability, uncertainty etc.) may be asked together with the offer.

Validation of laboratories does not expire automatically, but can be revoked in the view of insufficient performance. Naturally, laboratories can revoke their listing at any time.

Further information:

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