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Explanation of the search terms

  • General: search fields are connected as "and", that means that entering data in several fields gives only those results that fulfil both criteria. Each search is for substrings, for example entering "14" in Reference material code will give BCR-114, BCR-140, ERM-AD148 etc. Please use English for all searches.
  • Reference material code: This should be entered without brand name, e.g. "ERM-FA013bi" becomes "FA013bi", "ERM-DA470k/IFCC" becomes "DA470k" and "BCR-144R" becomes "144R".
  • Material/Matrix: Examples are "bovine urine", "human serum" etc. It is advised to start with a general search term ("muscle") before going to the specific one ("pork muscle"). For pure standards in solution, the analyte rather than the solvent is given.
  • Analyte/property: The certified property, e.g. "cadmium"; "PCB 141", "Pb" etc.
  • Application field and measurand group list all materials for a certain field. Please note that especially the distinction between environmental materials and food materials is difficult.
  • Type: The brand of the CRM can be selected.