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  1. Publication date: 2014
    JRC Publication N°: JRC70188
    Authors: KARYDAS Christos G., GITAS Ioannis Z., PANAGOS Panagiotis
    Type: Articles in Journals
  2. Publication date: 2011
    JRC Publication N°: JRC65321
    Authors: KEMPER Thomas, SVEKLA Walter D., DELL'ORO Luca, SENEGAS Olivier, HUYCK Charles K., GHESQUIERE Francis, TORO Joaquin, LALLEMANT David, SPENCE Robin, SHANKAR Ravi, EGUCHI Ronald T., GARTLEY Ross A., GHOSH Shubharoop, LEMOINE Guido, GILL Stuart, SAITO Keiko, CORBAN Christina, EVANS Galen, ADAMS Beverley J., PIARD Boby, BJORGO Einar
    Type: Articles in Journals
  3. Publication date: 2012
    JRC Publication N°: JRC69484
    Authors: LUTZ Michael, NUNES DE LIMA Maria, PORTELE Clemens, ILLERT Andreas, TOTH Katalin
    Type: Reference reports
  4. Publication date: 2012
    JRC Publication N°: JRC70457
    Authors: DE WASSEIGE Carlos, MANE Landing, PEKEL Jean-Francois, HANSEN Matthew C., VANCUTSEM Christelle, MAYAUX Philippe, DEFOURNY Pierre
    Type: Articles in books
  5. Publication date: 2015
    JRC Publication N°: JRC97476
    Authors: RIITTERS Kurt H., WICKHAM James, COSTANZA Jennifer, VOGT Peter
  6. Publication date: 2013
    JRC Publication N°: JRC74471
    Authors: KEMPER Thomas, PESARESI Martino, SOILLE Pierre, GUO Huadong, ZANCHETTA Luigi, GUEGUEN Lionel, BLAES Xavier, EHRLICH Daniele, LU Linlin, FERRI Stefano, OUZOUNIS Georgios, SYRRIS Vasileios, SCAVAZZON Marco, HALKIA Stamatia
    Type: Articles in Journals
  7. Publication date: 2012
    JRC Publication N°: JRC68648
    Authors: MILENOV Pavel, TASDEMIR Kadim, TAPSALL Brooke
    Type: Articles in Journals
  8. Publication date: 2013
    JRC Publication N°: JRC84864
    Authors: BELAND Martin, WIDLOWSKI Jean-Luc, FOURNIER Richard A.
    Type: Articles in Journals
  9. Publication date: 2002
    JRC Publication N°: JRC23073
    Authors: FORTUNY Guasch Joaqu Im
    Type: Articles in Journals
  10. Publication date: 2014
    JRC Publication N°: JRC73860
    Authors: URBANO Ferdinando, KAYITAKIRE Francois, REMBOLD Felix, VERSTRAETE Michel, MERONI Michele
    Type: Articles in Journals