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  1. Publication date: 2013
    JRC Publication N°: JRC85535
    Authors: DE GROEVE Tom, STEINER Yaniv, ATKINSON Martin, GALLIANO Daniele, RESTER Markus, ANNUNZIATO Alessandro, DOHERTY Brian
    Type: Contributions to Conferences
  2. Publication date: 2009
    JRC Publication N°: JRC51616
    Authors: GONCALVES Joao, BOSTROEM Gunnar, SEQUEIRA Vitor
    Type: Contributions to Conferences
  3. Publication date: 2013
    JRC Publication N°: JRC82353
    Authors: STIRPARO Pasquale, BALDINI Gianmarco
    Type: Articles in books
  4. Publication date: 2014
    JRC Publication N°: JRC94930
    Authors: VAN DOORMAAL Ans, HABERACKER Christoph, HU?SKEN Gotz, LARCHER Martin, SAARENHEIMO Arja, SOLOMOS George, STOLZ Alexander, THAMIE Laurent, BEDON Chiara
  5. Publication date: 2012
    JRC Publication N°: JRC64877
    Authors: TARANTOLA Stefano, BECKER William Edward, ZEITZ Dirk
    Type: Articles in Journals
  6. Publication date: 2010
    JRC Publication N°: JRC56756
    Authors: PISTOCCHI Alberto, UMLAUF Gunther, CASTRO-JIMENEZ Javier, ALAMO Carolina, VIZCAINO Pilar, KATSOGIANNIS Athanasios, PONTES Saudade
    Type: EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
  7. Publication date: 2011
    JRC Publication N°: JRC65321
    Authors: KEMPER Thomas, SVEKLA Walter D., DELL'ORO Luca, SENEGAS Olivier, HUYCK Charles K., GHESQUIERE Francis, TORO Joaquin, LALLEMANT David, SPENCE Robin, SHANKAR Ravi, EGUCHI Ronald T., GARTLEY Ross A., GHOSH Shubharoop, LEMOINE Guido, GILL Stuart, SAITO Keiko, CORBAN Christina, EVANS Galen, ADAMS Beverley J., PIARD Boby, BJORGO Einar
    Type: Articles in Journals
  8. Publication date: 2012
    JRC Publication N°: JRC76595
    Authors: LENNARD Christopher, NIKULIN Grigory, KENT Michael, PINTO Izidine, SHONGWE Mxolisi, BUECHNER Matthias, PANITZ Hans-Juergen, HEWITSON Bruce, KALOGNOMOU Evangelia-Anna, DOSIO Alessandro, ALICE Favre
    Type: Articles in Journals
  9. Publication date: 2012
    JRC Publication N°: JRC68363
    Authors: ALFIERI Lorenzo, THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta
    Type: Articles in Journals
  10. Publication date: 2013
    JRC Publication N°: JRC81862
    Authors: STIRPARO Pasquale
    Type: Contributions to Conferences