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  1. Publication date: 2013
    JRC Publication N°: JRC77339
    Authors: WOLLGAST Jan, HERRMANN Benedikt
    Type: Articles in Journals
  2. Publication date: 2012
    JRC Publication N°: JRC72907
    Authors: CRAGLIA Massimo, PAVANELLO Lara, SMITH Robin
    Type: Articles in Journals
  3. Publication date: 2008
    JRC Publication N°: JRC40397
    Authors: ORTEGA ARGILES Raquel
    Type: Articles in Journals
  4. Publication date: 1999
    JRC Publication N°: JRC19670
    Authors: DE BIEVRE P.
    Type: Articles in Journals
  5. Publication date: 2012
    JRC Publication N°: JRC69360
    Authors: SARAVIA MATUS Silvia, GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio, MARY Sébastien
    Type: Articles in Journals
  6. Publication date: 1996
    JRC Publication N°: JRC13649
    Authors: FORTUNATI G.U., FILIPPELLI M., BALDI F., BIANCHI Michele, MUNTAU Herbert Wilhelm
    Type: Articles in Journals
  7. Publication date: 2009
    JRC Publication N°: JRC48915
    Authors: HEYRIES Kevin, MANDON Celine, CERIOTTI Laura, PONTI Jessica, COLPO Pascal, BLUM L., MARQUETTE Christophe
    Type: Articles in Journals
  8. Publication date: 2005
    JRC Publication N°: JRC32640
    Authors: MUNDA Giuseppe
    Type: Articles in Journals
  9. Publication date: 2005
    JRC Publication N°: JRC29263
    Type: Articles in Journals
  10. Publication date: 2014
    JRC Publication N°: JRC91729
    Authors: GOGLIO Valentina, RIZZA Roberto
    Type: Articles in Journals