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  1. In a circular economy, resources such as energy and materials are transformed and reused in a sustainable manner. This leaflet outlines examples of JRC's scientific and technical support to EU policies related to efficient use of resources and environment protection. (June 2014)

    Publication date: 2014
    JRC Publication N°:
    Type: Brochures
  2. Publication date: 2013
    JRC Publication N°: JRC85804
    Authors: PETEVES Efstathios, RUIZ CASTELLO Pablo, RADU Daniela, NIJS Wouter, GAGO DA CAMARA SIMOES Sofia, THIEL Christian, BOLAT Pelin, SGOBBI Alessandra
    Type: EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
  3. Publication date: 2010
    JRC Publication N°: JRC58484
    Authors: GAY Stephan, TONINI Axel, BURRELL Alison, PEREZ DOMINGUEZ Ignacio, M'BAREK Robert, BURRELL Alison, KAVALLARI Aikaterini, HENSELER Martin, BLANCO FONSECA Maria
    Type: Reference reports