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  1. Publication date: 2007
    JRC Publication N°: JRC33233
    Authors: ERIKSSON Arne, WHITTLE John
    Type: Contributions to Conferences
  2. Publication date: 2007
    JRC Publication N°: JRC44430
    Authors: CINOTTI Luciano, SMITH C. F., SIENICKI J. J., AIT ABDERRAHIM H., BENAMATI Gianluca, LOCATELLI Giuliano, MONTI Stefano, WIDER Hartmut, STRUWE Dankward, ORDEN Alfredo, HWANG I. S.
    Type: Articles in Journals
  3. Publication date: 2008
    JRC Publication N°: JRC46064
    Authors: ERIKSEN Brian, ERIKSSON Arne, HOUGHTON Robert
    Type: Articles in Journals
  4. Publication date: 2007
    JRC Publication N°: JRC35242
    Authors: WOJCIK Andrzej, MOSS Raymond, MORAND Josselin
    Type: Articles in Journals