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Latest JRC Annual Report


JRC Annual Report 2014

The report provides highlights of research activities carried out over the year in support of the main EU policies. Topics include economic and monetary union; innovation, growth and jobs; digital agenda; energy and transport; environment and climate change; agriculture and global food security; security and disaster risk reduction; health and consumer protection and nuclear safety and security.

The 2014 annual report is available in English and Italian.

Latest Thematic reports


Science for food

The purpose of this report is to present the JRC's scientific support to EU's "from farm to fork" policy which ensures Europeans enjoy safe and nutritious food, while facilitating the food industry to work under the best possible conditions. It also presents JRC research on global food security – a growing challenge for researchers and policymakers alike when over 800 million people face hunger worldwide and food demand is expected to rise by 60% by 2050. (May 2015)


Science for Disaster Risk Reduction

The purpose of this report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the JRC activities in relation to disaster risk reduction and response. The report showcases the tools and methodologies developed by the JRC to help in all phases of disaster management, from preparedness and risk management to recovery and reconstruction, through to forecasting and early warning (December 2014).


Science for Nuclear safety and security

This report aims to give a comprehensive overview of the JRC's work in relation to nuclear safety and security. It highlights the JRC's relevant scientific output in nuclear safety; nuclear security; reference measurements; materials and standards; nuclear knowledge management; training and education and, in the last chapter, innovation. In addition, the report lists facilities, partners and references as well as links to useful tools and websites are provided. (August 2014)


Science for Energy

This report aims to give a comprehensive overview of the JRC's work in relation to the global energy challenge. It highlights the JRC's research in areas such as security of energy supply, renewable energy, energy technology innovation, energy efficiency, nuclear energy, and hydrogen technologies. For each area, a detailed description of the research carried out by the JRC is provided along with how this work provides the scientific and technical support to EU policy in the field of energy. (June 2013)


Science for Standards: a driver for innovation

This report aims to give a comprehensive overview of the JRC's work in relation to standardisation in fields as diverse as health, environment or energy. It provides a comprehensive overview of how the JRC's scientific and technical support to EU policies in this field. JRC research includes for instance developing reference materials for environmental monitoring, ensuring international compatibility in the area of smart grids and electromobility, and improving standards in cutting edge technologies such as remote sensing and nanotechnology. (April 2013)

Latest JRC brochures and leaflets


Science for sustainable soil management

As the Commission’s in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) provides evidence-based scientific and technical support to policies, including those that deal with soil and land management.

Through collaboration with the broader soil science community, the JRC collects, analyses and synthesises data and knowledge on the state of soils from across the EU and beyond to provide focused assessments of soil resources on a European and global scale, and the pressures that may cause their degradation.


Science for food

The European Commission plays a key role in developing and implementing sound food policies that protect the well-being of consumers and safeguard public health. Ensuring that safe food reaches our plates is a complex task involving diverse actors: farmers, food producers, retailers and control laboratory personnel among others.

The European Commission’s in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), supports the EU’s work in securing the safety and quality of our food, promoting at the same time the sustainable use of resources.


Science for disaster risk reduction and response

This leaflet provides an overview of the work of the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission’s in-house science service, in the area of disaster risk reduction and response.