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Latest JRC Annual Report


JRC Annual Report 2015

Report on the activities, accomplishments and resources related to the JRC’s work carried out in 2015. An overview is given of the scientific achievements and activities.

Latest Thematic reports


Behavioural Insights Applied to Policy - Country Overviews 2016

This document provides for each EU and EFTA country a fact sheet containing examples of policy initiatives either explicitly or implicitly informed by behavioural insights as well as the institutional developments regarding the application of behavioural insights to policy. These country-specific overviews complement the "Behavioural Insights Applied to Policy – European Report 2016". They are meant to be updated on a regular basis by taking into account new behavioural policies and institutional developments.

Smart Stories - Implementing Smart Specialisation across Europe

The insight that this booklet provides - thanks to the precious contribution of national and regional authorities - shows that smart specialisation has gone far beyond the mere fulfilment of the ex-ante conditionality criteria linked to Cohesion policy allocations. It has triggered a change in the way innovation-driven regional development policies are dealt with across Europe, confirming the outcome of a number of surveys recently run on this topic.

JRC Thematic Report: Science for environmental sustainability

The Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s in-house science service, supports EU Member States in implementing environmental policies and participates in international efforts to promote the sustainable use of resources and improve land-use management.

JRC Science for Nuclear Safety and Security

Nuclear safety and security are absolute priorities for the EU. As the European Commission’s in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) supports the Commission in fulfilling the obligations originally set up by the Euratom (European Atomic Energy Community) Treaty in the areas of nuclear research, training and education, and radiation protection.


Science for Food, JRC thematic report

This report provides a detailed overview of Joint Research Centre (JRC) research on food safety, food quality and authenticity, food security, agriculture and land use, food for health, and innovation in this area as the European Commission’s in-house science service.

Science for Disaster Risk Reduction

This thematic report describes JRC's activities in support to disaster management. The JRC develops tools and methodologies to help in all phases of disaster management, from preparedness and risk assessment to recovery and reconstruction through to forecasting and early warning.

Science for Standards: a driver for innovation - JRC Thematic Report

This report aims to give a comprehensive overview of the work of the Commission's in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in relation to global standardisation challenges. The description of the JRC's work on standards is divided into six chapters. For each chapter, the detailed policy context is cited, showing clearly how and where the JRC is providing its scientific and technical support to standardisation-related policies.

Latest JRC brochures and leaflets


Battery energy storage testing for safer, better batteries

The JRC project BATTEST (BATtery TESTing) focuses on independent performance and safety assessment and includes experimental battery testing and modelling for transport and energy storage applications. The project executes pre-normative research supporting the deployment of batteries for vehicle traction and energy storage to achieve European Union policy goals pertaining to low-carbon, safe and sustainable transport and transitioning of the EU energy system. Traction batteries are a Key Enabling Technology in electric vehicle (EV) drive trains for enabling electrification of transport. This leaflets give an overview of the BATTEST testing facilities and activities.

From input to impact

A selection of highlights of JRC activities

Science for development - some JRC examples

In support of EU policies, the JRC develops tools and provides analyses on a wide range of vital issues such as food security, crises management, energy and environmental monitoring. The JRC also relies on the cooperation with international partners to better understand the interactions between development, environment and disasters management.