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Workshop on Investment Vehicles and Financial Instruments supporting Technology Transfer and Innovation: Focus on the Danube Region and the Western Balkans countries

The objectives of the workshop were to identify existing financial instruments to support innovation and technology transfer activities in the Danube Region and the Western Balkan countries, to explore where the evident gaps exist and discuss ways to address currently unmet demand with synergistic solutions. The workshop aimed to strengthen and cement an emerging community of practice on these issues that should help to maximise impact on regional innovation. The workshop stimulated exchange and discussion on the nature, features and the general suitability of existing financial instruments for the financing of different innovation and tech transfer projects (including start-up creation, joint ventures, licensing transactions etc.). The final results are a definition of the type of financing instruments necessary for the region (in the form of vouchers, financial products, enhancements of features of existing innovation funds etc.) and a plan to accelerate their creation.
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