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Wind potentials for EU and neighbouring countries: Input datasets for the JRC-EU-TIMES Model

Data on the potential generation of electricity from wind is crucial information for analysing the future role of this renewable energy source. In this report, a description is presented of the methodologies used for the derivation of a dataset. The dataset consists of an estimation of (1) wind speeds accounting for high-resolution effects, (2) power production accounting for a wide range of turbine types, (3) suitable areas and (4) associated cost estimates. Wind speed information is systematically derived from years of meteorological data based on the MERRA reanalysis dataset, and from the high resolution geo-spatial data based on the Global Wind Atlas. Within this project, the wind potentials and techno-economic parameters are gathered and processed into input datasets for the JRC-EU-TIMES model. This allows improved modelling of the competition and the complementarity of wind with other technologies, the key functionality of the JRC-EU-TIMES model. Moreover the datasets can also be used for the analysis of policy questions relating to the availability of wind energy.