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Update on the Status of LED-Lighting world market since 2018


This report, based on the compilation of more than 160 recent documents, is an update of previous analysis published in 2018, 2014 and 2013. It brings new insight in the progress of Solid-State Lighting Technology and Lighting Systems as well as an overview of the world market evolution by world region and by end-use sector. The last evolutions in the industrial ecosystem is also treated. Further, the impacts of technology evolution, like smart lighting, on the energy, environment and natural resources are highlighted. Some first effects of pandemic impacts are also included, even if it is rather earlyl to draw final conclusions. Artificial light production absorbs around 2 900 TWh corresponding 16,5% of the world’s electricity annual production. Even if this quantity is still very high, it should be noticed that till beginning of 2010’s electrical light sources were considered as responsible for an energy consumption of around 2 651 TWh, which represented roughly 19% of world's total electricity consumption. This tendency suggests the beginning of a harnessing of consumption which can be explained by the increase of light system efficiency when keeping service level stable.