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Technical guidance on the decision to go for substitution of OTSC by monitoring

This document describes the main pre-requisites and conditions that have to be met by a given EU Member States in order to implement on operational basis the CAP monitoring as a substitute of the OTS Controls. It further provides guidance on how the MS Administrations could check the fulfilment of these pre-conditions and how to interpret the outcomes of these checks. The two main pre-conditions for implementing monitoring are: (1) the conformity of specific elements of the Integrated Administrative and Control System (LPIS, GSAA, cross-checks) to ensure the correctness of the “area component” of the farmer declarations; and (2) suitability of the agricultural landscape of the region subject to monitoring, in terms of land management structure and cropping/agronomic practices First component is largely verified through the annual LPIS Quality Assessment, while the second relies on analysis of the crop/land use recognition using machine learning and EO data provided by Copernicus Sentinels This document constitutes the Commission’s (draft) proposal of common practices and includes comments from: DG AGRI D3, DG AGRI H3, DK, BE-FL, MT, ES.